Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I Made Today(Technically Last Night, Buttttttttttt.....)

I will be attending my first Nascar race this year, and so naturally, of course, I decided to make myself a "Nascar" tote bag.

1.Yes, I like Nascar.

Why do people find that so hard to believe?! What, a cupcake girl can't like "Hot, nasty, badass speed."?

I know some of you got that reference...

2. No, there is no actual Nascar or racing fabric on the bag. It is just my interpretation of Nascar, which is probably nothing like what most "real" fans think of. Story of my life...hahaha. Turns out, my interpretation is very similar to my interpretation of "diner". Huh.

This bag was such a fun one to make! I had a bunch of lovely scraps from apron madame Dana of Dot's Diner(The black and white checkerboard, red gingham and black gingham) that I mixed with a red and white striped vintage curtain and a couple of polka dot remnants from the clearance section at Hobby Lobby. And of course, a vintage button.

 Not what you were expecting, was it.

Lemme 'splain! The checkerboard is obvious, heh heh. The red and white fabrics make me think of concessions, the white with tiny black polka dots reminds me of pavement(I don't know why), and the big polka dots remind me of bubbles in soda(because you know, it's the first thing most of them do when they get out of their hot cars, is take a big ole, ice cold swig of whatever cola company is paying for their fender. Or windshield. Or engine. Or whatever. You know what I mean.), the shape of tires, and the way faces in a crowd appear from far away.

So, yeah. It makes sense. Doesn't it?

Oh I don't know.

I do know you won't see anybody else at the race with anything like it.

'Sept maybe TONY STEWART.


Inside joke. Lamesause, I know.

*I apologize to all Tony Stewart fans. Aside from my dad.*

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