Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sycamore Craft Market

This past Saturday, I had my very first experience vending at a craft market. I shared a booth at the Sycamore Craft Market with the FABULOUS Mike Harvey of No Prob Bob. We had a blast! Our both was next to the organizers of the event, Pajama Love, who are just as sweet and lovely as can be. And they make really cool stuff, too, but more on that in just a minute...

For me, the best part of the market, aside from meeting new friends, hanging out with my two best friends, and getting my brand out there, is supporting other artists and crafters through purchases of their goods. And there were some Amazecakes goods, let me tell you!

I always try to find something for my kid, when I attend craft fairs, and this market treated the little bugger very well. Especially in the crochet toy department.

The bat, granite kitty and ginger bread boy were all made by the talented Jody of Pajama Love! We also have a little kitty with a mowhawk from a previous craft show that is well loved by our family. As long as Jody keeps making those little guys, we will keep adopting them!

I do not have any info on who made the other kitty and mouse, but as soon as I find out, I will post their names. Unfortunately I can't find my vendor map at the moment...*hangs head in shame*

I adore Jody's work! The bat will be a very fitting birthday gift at our daughter's Batman themed birthday party. If I can make myself part with him....

I was also fortunate enough to end up snagging a couple of items from my booth mate! This tie-dye bag is GORGEOUS! His techniques produced one of the prettiest tie-dyed bags I have ever seen. I can't help but see Simba(The Lion King) when I stare at that white patch on the right side...

I also was blessed with one of his rag rugs. I have been needing a new one for my wood floors and just haven't had the time to make one, so I was thrilled to trade an embroidery piece("Egg On Her Face" aka "Medusa") for this perfect little rug. The men call it "Iowa Hawkeyes" colors, but I am going with "Bumble Bee Butt". And that is that.

We have been wanting to slowly replace all of our cheap, Asian made dinner ware with vintage and handmade goods, which can be hard to do when you are on a budget, especially if you are looking for handmade. Lucky for us, we stumbled upon the most humble potter ever, who sold us four handmade cereal bowls for $24.00, which is an INSANE price, when you consider all the work that went into each piece. I wish I could remember the gentleman's name, but all I can remember is the word "Hobbit" in his business name, because that's what he signed the beautiful bowls with. I love how they are each just a little different, and none of them match each other exactly.

*Update* Hobbit's Hole is the name!

My husband and I had seen the bowl early in day, but he didn't go back to purchase them until later in the afternoon. He dropped off the bag full of bowls on his way to the restroom and told me I needed to look them over and "check for cracks".

"Why, did you break them already?!" I hollered as he quickly escaped down the hallway towards the potties.

I unwrapped the first bowl and a beautiful brass necklace fell out. I unwrapped the second bowl and another brass necklace fell out! Two lovely creations from Suzaphone Designs. What a sneaky Pete!

There was the most lovely lady and little boy selling moustaches on sticks. Snoobs Jewelry and Art made Mike's and my day, for only a dollar a piece! Although, I think we may have also scared some potential customers off with our moustaches on sticks...(I'm looking at YOU No Prob Bob!! XD)

The booth on the other side belonged to lovely Fangrrl Fiber Arts(and her friend who made the white, black and brown kitty in the first photo). I purchased three colors of yarn from her and can hardly wait to use them! They are so beautiful, and it was terribly difficult to choose only a few. I especially love the neutral toned color-"Figgy Pudding"(yes, it makes me squee).

The sweet lady who made the crocheted mouse, also made wonderful gourd art with gourds she grew herself. We purchased this adorable gourd ladybug for my mother-in-law.

We also purchased some soap from Mystic Creations for MIL. Dark chocolate and eucalyptus mint!

Finally, our biggest purchase of the day was this awesome piece of wood art, from RTturnings.

Entitled, "Lightning Man", the piece evokes the scene of a lightning strike. I fell in love instantly! His process is really unique. He takes "bad" pieces of wood, and fills the knots and holes in with his own unique blend of wood putty and pigment until he finds the "picture" within the wood. I find it fascinating, and truly amazing. His pieces made us stop in our tracks and immediately chat him up. What a kind, and down to earth guy he is, too! I assured him that his wonderful art was going to a very good home.

Handmade is wonderful! Making things for yourself is wonderful, but so is supporting other artists/crafters by purchasing the things they make. If I cannot do both, I will always do one or the other.

As Mike and I mused during a lull in traffic Saturday, our families don't have much to fear, should the apocalypse happen and we survive. Being MidWestern crafters, we know how to kill/grow our food, clothe ourselves with it and turn things we don't need into things we do need(or just want).

Crafters gotz skillz, yo.

And don't laugh too hard at that, lest ye find a crochet hook lodged in ye olde neck meats.


  1. I love it all, especially those bowls. What a steal! I had such a good time, we should do another show together this fall!

    My landlord is remodeling my bathroom this week, I told him he has to hurry up and get it done so I can hang up my embroidery lol

  2. Yes, those bowls, it is hard to believe he charges so little! I am going to buy a bunch more of his stuff next time I see him at a craft show!

    I am definitely up for more shows together!

    I am still so tickled that Medusa is headed to your bathroom. I smile everytime I think about it! :)<3