Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bead It, Just Bead It.

And, button it.

That's what I've been doing lately.

And I am SO EXCITED to show you guys and dolls the results of all my hours of needlework!

New in my etsy shop tonight, textile necklaces featuring loads of gorgeous vintage buttons, lots of sparkling beads and plenty of cotton, vintage macrame cord and even a little banana silk. The inspiration for these necklaces comes from many places-Victorian jewelry, 1960's hippies, and Greek mosaics are just a few.

 I am in love with these pieces, as they allow me to combine lots of color, texture and technique into truly unique and timeless jewelry. They are so comfortable and easy to wear, especially if you are the mom of a baby or child with grabby hands. They also travel beautifully since they are made of textile.

I hope you all will love them as much as I do. They will be making regular appearances at my shop from now on, as I have many, many designs waiting to become realities!

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