Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bees And Bows

More specifically, one bee and six bows.

Last night I finally finished up an embroidery piece I had been working on for over a month. Don't rush to be impressed too quickly though. It took a month because things like vacation, birthday prep and a sick kid kept me from working on it, not because it is super complicated or amazing.

Just simple, and as is typical of my style, a little cute, a little creepy, a lot thought provoking. Hey, nobody said they had to be profound thoughts, but if that is what comes to you, then you and I may be kindred spirits after all.

Black sewing thread on yellow Egyptian cotton.

I don't have a big, prolific explanation for this(I rarely do), so I'll just tell you where the inspiration for this piece came from.

I was pondering that old adage, "Children should be seen, and not heard", and imagining the phrase as a page in a Fred Gwynne book(I LOVE the man, and his books!), and thinking about how young people these days are all about having "scenes", and how funny young people seem when you become an adult and forget that you could have possibly ever behaved the same way they do...

As I inch closer to thirty with each passing day, I find that my artwork, and even my craft work, is definitely growing, changing and wandering into a different direction than it did when I was a young student.

As a teenager and young adult, my writings and paintings were so emotional, so spur of the moment and exhibiting only all or nothing feelings. The strongest passion, paralysing hatred, heartwrenching anger, profound sadness and physically painful love were all all common themes.

I find myself, at nearly thirty, a settled "adult" with a much more thoughtful, nostalgic and controlled artistic style.

I'm not sure if that is good, bad, typical or says something about me psychologically, but, it is what it is. And I accept that.

If you enjoy this piece, you can find her listed here.

And now for the bow portion of the show!

These were a special order from one of my very favorite clients. I just wanted to share. *Smiles sweetly*

And now, I shall bow out, and leave you to ponder the profoundness of the purple and yellow color combination.

*Covers mouth with hand as she giggles and snorts*

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