Thursday, July 26, 2012

Totes McGee

After vending at a very well loved craft show this weekend where I had dismal sales(try ZERO), I realized that there is a great disconnect between my "etsy mentality" and my "craft show mentality". On etsy, the general unwritten(though very much voiced opinion in the forums) rule of thumb is to not visually overwhelm your customers with too much merchandise, or merchandise in too many differing categories(multiple medias, or cross categories like vintage and crafts), or else they will leave your shop. Some people even claim they won't buy from a person who makes multiple types of things because they feel it shows that the person is not a "master" at their craft(oh, excuse me for thinking that a person could make more than just aprons or pot holders and still be considered a master apron or pot holder maker). Of course there are exceptions to this "rule", but there are many people who specialize in making one very specific thing and that one specific thing only.

This is very hard for a girl with multiple crafty interests to comply with. But, for the sake of my shop and the fear of overwhelming people's fragile minds, I have majorly streamlined my shop and tried to focus only on "accessories" and embroidery hoops, which honestly, I am sure some people see even that as being too confusing. I have been focusing on building up stock for the shop, but at the same time, neglecting some of the other crafts that I really enjoy participating in.

While at the craft market this weekend, I realize that the "etsy mentality" which I have adopted, may actually be biting me in the butt when it comes to the shows I attend at. You know, not everybody wants to wear a pin or hang a button collection on the wall, but they might like a bright little stuffie or tote bag, and I can definitely make those things too.

So, I've decided to return to making some of the other things I love, but rather than list them in my etsy shop, I'll just hang onto them until market days. Unless I get a really big stock built up, in which case I just might open a secondary craft shop and list those items in there.

I though I'd post a little preview of my newest endeavor today.

I'm calling them "Scrap" totes, because not only are they made from crazy assortments of scraps, but they also remind me a bit of how scrapbook pages are often laid out.

Here's the first two-

The base, braided handle and liner of this tote are made from a really pretty floral bed sheet. The bag is embellished with vintage lace trims, vintage grosgrain, vintage quilt squares and some flower patches from The Husband's stash. Combined together, they make a lovely little hippie chic tote for the girly who is a gardener at heart.

This bag is made with a funky little tucked floral, and also features vintage lace, vintage florals, a neat old patch of a compass and some pretty vintage rick rack. It also has a braided handle and vintage bed sheet as a liner.

I have several other styles of totes I am working on, including patchworked and plain and simple totes, but all will be made of vintage and upcycled components.

If interested, I can also customize totes, and make them out of your own personal clothing or linen remnants. I am in the process of making one for myself right now, that is composed mainly of The Husband's shirts as a base and appliques and patches clipped from The Kid's baby clothes as embellishments.

If you are interested in owning any of the specific totes I post here on the blog, from this point on, I can go ahead and list them specially for you on etsy, I just won't be listing them as regular stock, so you'll have to message me and tell me to create a "reserved" listing for you. Which I will be more than happy to do!

Also, keep a look out for creepy cute monster and animal stuffies, which should be arriving on the blog next week...

They're more cute than creepy. I promise.

*Brandy Cupcakes is a notorious liar*

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