Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Fairly Odd Skirt-Or, What We Made Today

There are some big changes going on in La Casa de Cupcakes this month. As a family, we've started following a budget, in an attempt to become better savers, so we can get our house paid off and begin building our green living dream home. As a mom/wife/mother, and on a more personal level, I've sat down with myself and looked long and hard into my spiritual mirror and confronted myself with the fixable flaws of myself.

"I gotta LOTTA PROBLEMS with you people!" So to speak.

 As a result, I'm shifting my schedule and am working on my business only 3/4 time until the kidlet goes to school. I am taking time out for myself each day to RUN or do yoga, so I can get into a better state of physical and mental health. I am taking my body back. I don't need to be skinny, just healthy. Also, I am tired of hiding myself away from the world just because I feel like I am too ugly or fat to belong. Inspired by the likes of Tess Munster and Beth Ditto, I have decided that I have missed out on too much life by letting my weight, and the fear of reactions to my weight, prevent me from being who I want to be. I'm curbing my desire to just buy whatever I want and challenging myself more and more to MAKE it. Because that's what I do. I make things.

So what does any of this have to do with a skirt?

I have been collecting fabric for a good ten years now, telling myself that someday I will make my own custom wardrobe. But, there have always been excuses as to why I shouldn't start just yet. Everything from, "I just don't have the skills yet" to "I just don't have the time" to here lately, "I'm just too fat and don't want to waste my fabrics".

My closet and I had an honest heart to heart a few days ago. I decided to once and for all, get rid of EVERYTHING that doesn't fit me. Half of my wardrobe was from my smaller days, and I've held onto these pieces thinking that someday I would be smaller and need them again. It's been three years since The Kid was born and I'm not getting any smaller or younger. Time to face my new reality.

More importantly, time to embrace it. Time to allow myself to wear the styles of clothes I want to wear without fretting over the fact that they would have looked much better on me four years ago. Time to take those fun and funky fabrics out of my stash and make myself a whole new wardrobe, which reflects who I feel I am, rather than just the wardrobe full of tee shirts, sweat pants and stretchy knit skirts designed to cover me up and blend me into the backgrounds of my life. I'll still wear them, just not 24/7, and in much more flattering ways.

There is no time like today, for tomorrow may never arrive.

SO, last night, I made myself a skirt.

It was not particularly difficult to make, which made me terribly ashamed that I've not previously constructed one.

The material is actually a homemade Fairly Odd Parents curtain(that someone made for their child, I imagine), that I rescued from Goodwill. I added some vintage rick rac(from my Granny's stash) along the two hem lines(which would have been the top of the curtain) at the bottom of the skirt, then added a piece of elastic at the top and easy as pie I had a skirt.

Well, not exactly easy as pie. This was my first time working with elastic and I had to try the waist band three times before I got it right. The Husband was kind enough to rip my seams out twice, so he was pretty thankful when the third time proved to be the charm.

That's what I get for waiting until 10 at night, after a full day of cooking and working all day, to start a new project. Heh heh.

But now that I know what I am doing, the next one should be a piece of cake! And I cannot wait to start production as I have so many neat and kitschy, pretty and vintage, cartoony and colorful pieces of fabric to consider! Everything from hot dogs to vintage Care Bears to Amy Butler to yummy cupcakes. The wardrobe of my dreams will finally be within my reach and I won't be too paranoid to wear it.


Sorry about that.

It just leaked out.

I'm just gonna go over in the corner and pet my fabric now.....

Oh like you've never done that before.

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