Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Progress-Grape Soda Creme Cake Button Embroidery

I've been working on this piece for a few days now, in between other smaller embroideries. I have to take time outs when I work on the hoops that are bigger than 3 or 4 inches, as the repetitive stitching of the backgrounds starts to make my eyes go funny at a certain point, and I start to think that I can hear the thread tauting me("You sucky stitcher! You couldn't fix a fallen hem!") as it begins to tangle and snap more easily. I thought I'd go ahead and share it, despite the fact that it isn't finished, as the bright purples and pinks really cheer me up as the gray, cold days of winter drag on.

As the name suggests, this piece was inspired by a grape soda creme cake(if you've never made a soda creme cake, you should!), only I imagined one slathered in creamy pink buttercream(the pink stitches of the background) and sprinkled with happy grape and berry candy bits. It's meant to evoke the warm and happy type of nostalgia that most of us relate to at least one pleasant food, birthday party, carnival or county fair memory. For me, when I look at this piece, I am instantly reminded of slick grape Kool-Aid, sticky and shiny sno cones, drippy wet Popsicles, bright Lisa Frank stickers, Cartoon unicorns and Care Bears and Gummi Bears, sugar sprinkled Easter Peeps and a certain iridescent Homecoming dress. These are all things to which happy memories, that bring a smile to my face and transport me to a calm and positive mental state, are attached .

  It is said that fragrance can instantly transport people to another place or time in their memory( I can't even smell saltines without wanting to puke-thank you morning sickness from four years ago!), but for me, colors and patterns achieve that more effectively. My pieces are meant to transport people to happier, warmer, more comfortable places through color, pattern, texture and material, as opposed to imagery or the written word(both of which I also employ during various phases of my life).

I'm hoping to have this piece finished and listed in my etsy shop by the end of next week(along with about ten or so other new pieces!)I think it would make a fun bit of decor for the room of a young girl or teenager, or a really unique and special birthday, Valentine or Christmas gift for the grape soda or purple lover in your life(maybe YOU?) who has "everything", and I am really looking forward to meeting the lovely person who gives this sweet piece a new home!



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