Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Little Chicago Photo Puke

So, The Husband and I took a super short road trip to Chicago this past week to return some Fluevogs which were too big and replace them with some that were not. It was my first time at  Fluevog store and also my first time in Chicago, so I was really wide eyed and observant, soaking it all in. I was more concerned with taking it all in with my own bespectacled two eyes than the eye of my camera, but I did manage to get some shots in here and there. Here are just a few of the many, many things I saw which interested me. Please excuse the mix of camera phone and dslr photos.

Lots of half staff flags along the way, as we left on 9-11.

So, I wore my Mini Qtee Fluevogs to Navy Pier, and my poor, ghastly feet were so bruised, swollen and blistered by the time we left, than I had to borrow a pair of The Husband's Fluevogs to walk around the Art Institute Museum in. Pretty classy, I know.

Oh so yummy...

The new hairclip!

After searching for YEARS, I finally found a good copy of my favorite movie ever. Thank you Chicago!

Fluevog carnage.

Swollen, puffy, sunburned feet after a day of walking in heels.

I think this was the largest macaroon I have ever held in my hand. And one of the most delicious.

Delicious. Pig. But, looks more like a rat...

Stumbled into this wonderful little bakery and was reminded of the little Mexican bakeries near my grandparents' house.

I love seeing wind turbines. The Husband build them for a living, so it's always cool to see them actually up and working in our travels.

Sunset near Peoria.

Underground parking garage. Can you believe that was a first for me?!

Typical Chicago, but amazing to a small town girl.

Something about all the metal and concrete and lights of Chicago really fascinated me.

I snapped this before he realised he was holding my purse...he he.

The Husband and I. The sun was stabbing our eyes and we were trying so hard not to squint, thus the serious expressions. I felt very "Boardwalk Empire" in this hat, on the pier. All I needed was a gun and a drink, one in each hand...

You can tell by the expression on his face that he takes this warning seriously.

At Navy Pier, before heading to the Art Institute. This was before the fateful switching of the shoes, which capsized my matching outfit(so unusual for me...hahaha).

Tiffany. Gorgeous. Wanted to steal.

I think there were more bikes in this garage than in the entire state of Iowa...

We took a wrong exit, got lost and then found ourselves in China town.

The Husband was thrilled to find Nascar peeps in the town we stayed overnight in. The first race of the Chase is happening today at Chicagoland!

The little hat, resting after a full schedule of sunblocking and sightseeing.

Chicago was beautiful, busy, full of life and interesting, and it definitely sparked my creativity. I came back with pages of ideas in my sketchbook.
BUT, I don't think that I would ever want to live there. At this point in my life, I am small town Midwestern, through and through, like it or not. I don't anticipate that will ever change. The nice thing about living in Iowa, though, is that we are smack dab in the middle of things, so, when the need for escape arises, we aren't more than a few hours away from a major metropolitan area. Which is totally cool, because by the time I get back home, I am really thankful to be there, in the quiet, uncongested, uncomplicated and boring little haven again.
 Until the next itch to travel needs to be scratched. Then I'm off like a dirty shirt, wondering if the next place will be the place that changes it all...

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