Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Art Of Packaging

If you think that title indicates that you are getting a lesson on pretty packaging for the world of online selling, better guess again. I have absolutely no advice, as I tend to use recycled materials for most of my shipping needs. Ha ha.

BUT, since recycled materials often are not all that special or pretty(though every once in a while, they really are), I DO like to do something a little special for each of my lovely customers, to hopefully put a smile on their face, and make MY parcel stand out amongst the rest of their mail.

SO I do stuff like this-

And so far, most of my customers seem to appreciate it. I mean, it's not like I am painting masterpieces on the boxes or anything, but the Sharpie illustrations do have the capability to make a person's day just a little itty bitty bit brighter, because they know I took the time to whip a little something cute/silly/funny up especially for THEM, which is something that I think people really enjoy, in a culture so saturated by corporate etiquette/branding/packaging and fewer and fewer occurrences of actual personal interactions and touches.

So, should you decide to treat yourself to one of my pretties, be on the lookout for that package in the mail, as I guarantee, you'll never receive another one quite like it!

Unless of course you decide to order from me again...*winkety wink*

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