Thursday, May 17, 2012

We spent the morning working in the yard today, and started several projects, the most significant being a rock garden for The Kid, but we didn't actually complete the garden as it will be a work in progress type of endeavor. Since we didn't really finish anything, I just took photos of a few sights around the yard.

Pots waiting for plants.
Freshly washed sea shells.
A robin's egg.
Keepin' it classy.
Once upon a time, this rock garden was a fountain.
This was the original bathroom sink. The Husband built a stand for it so we can plant annuals each year.
Guardian o'er the carrots.
Sweet Columbine.
Pretty wild flowers.
The work of The Kid.
The Kid's new rock/shell/brick garden.
Everytime we go somewhere, she adds new rocks. I cannot wait to see how it grows!

Simple pleasures are most definitely the best!

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